New Google reCAPTCHA WordPress plugin

Last month (06/2016) was released the first version of reCAPTCHA in WP comments form WordPress plugin,  a great website tool based on the Google reCAPTCHA widged for those who want to protect the WordPress comments form from spammers and robot tools. From its first release, reCAPTCHA in WP comments form plugin has been updated three times with new features improving especially its compatibility with any kind of WP themes and its security options.

reCAPTCHA in WP comments formplugin in action

Plugin Features

Basically, reCAPTCHA in WP comments form WordPress plugin adds a Google reCAPTCHA widget to the comments form of the WordPress themes when the user is not logged in so that, it prevents the comments sent by spammers.

In case of that an user manually breaks the reCAPTCHA field or a robot connects with the WP comments module, the plugin introduces a second verification process to detect this kind of intrusions that in addition, allows you to decide what do you want to do with this dubious comment. The Website Administrator can decide if this kind of messages/comments will be considered as SPAM, sent directly to the TRASH or even, if the process has to be blocked executing a WP_DIE() page for preventing the overhits made by spam robots.

Finally, the plugin has got an optional but fantastic forced output mode that allows you to use reCAPTCHA in WP comments form WordPress plugin inside a very old WP themes that still made a direct output of the comments form, ie, old WordPress themes that didn’t use the WP comments_form() function.

Download plugin and documentation

To download this great tool you can visit the WordPress page of reCAPTCHA in WP comments form plugin and for a further information, to see examples, technical documentation, etc. you can visit the author’s page of reCAPTCHA in WP comments form plugin.

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