What is Google PageRank?

The PageRank is a value that reflects the importance and relevance that Google gives to a web page.

Although in time, the weight and the meaning of the value of PageRank index has varied within the Google’s algorithm itself, the famous “little green bar” is still a valid indicator to determine the popularity of a Web even though now, we can not see it because of Google’s decision to block external access to PageRank.

Despite of this, many Webmaster still use the PageRank as a benchmark to develop linkbuilding strategies, to exchange links, to value the price of advertising, etc.

How does Google PageRank Work?

Press thi link to see, how the Google PageRank index works.

For further information about Google PageRank

If you want to learn more about the workings of Google, its algorithms, the Webmaster guidelines to follow in your SEO process, we recommend you follow our own blog and you to expand more information on these links:

Links about Google and SEO

Beyond Pagerank, the PageRankeator Tools

Beyond the simple PageRank index, in Pagerankeator we are developing a set of tools that allow you to obtain relevant information about your site/ domain oriented to improve your SEO . In this page, we’ll explain succinctly, the PageRankeator Tools.

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